Sunday, March 28, 2010

20th Anniversary Trip

The Amazing Race is my other favorite reality show (after Survivor :) ). Tonight's episode: The Seychelles. Oh. My. God. I love this place - I don't even know that much about it, but ever since I first heard of it, I've wanted to go here for my honeymoon.


Unfortunately, the realistic side of me realizes that it's completely out of the question. Beyond being an expensive destination to get to, it would take a really really really long time to get there from Seattle. And given that we'll probably only have a week for a honeymoon, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to use two days for travel on either side.

But look how pretty!


So this evening after I mentioned yet again how freaking cool it would be to go there, B promised me a trip to the Seychelles for our 20th Anniversary. First of all, I love that he's thinking that far down the road! Just makes me all happy inside. Second of all, he thinks it doesn't matter that he promised this because there's no way I'll remember. Well, now it's on the interwebs for everyone to see. And while this blog probably won't live for 20 years, I'm pretty sure I won't forget a promised trip. So spring of 2031, look for me on a beach somewhere in the Seychelles. It'll be great!


  1. omg, i looked seriously hard into going to the Seychelles for my honeymoon too! unfortunately, i neither tripped and fell on a pile of money, nor am I independently wealthy, so really, it was not to be. sadsies.

  2. I was obsessed with the Seychelles for a while. SO gorgeous. And reaaaallllly hard to get to. :(


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