Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh the Places We'll Go!

When my great-grandmother decided to write her memoirs she titled them "A Long Far View," after a poem a friend of hers had written. She published her memoirs the year that I was born, and I hope she doesn't mind that I co-opted her title for the title of this blog.

Re-reading her memoirs reminds me of the incredible life that she lived. As I have made certain life changing decisions, the saying "a long far view" reminds me to keep the big picture in mind.
More specifically with respect to our upcoming wedding, keeping in mind that while details are fun to plan, it is so much more important to me that the weekend as a whole is about friends and family and coming together to celebrate. So as planning commences and decisions continue to be made, I'm hoping I can remember to keep the big picture in mind and remember that above all, life is for living without regrets.

I can't wait to see how everything will come together, and I look forward to sharing this journey!

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